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You may have just experienced the single most stressful event in your life... being arrested.  Maybe you were enjoying a night out with friends, a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, never did you expect the night to end with a DUI charge.  At Carlisle & Gray we are here to assist you.  When you need assistance with defending a DUI charge in Sacramento, Placer or El Dorado County, Carlisle & Gray is the firm to call.  Our staff will work tirelessly to resolve your DUI case.  At Carlisle & Gray your DUI attorneys, every client is treated with the courtesy and respect they deserve.

After being arrested for DUI, you will have many questions. The DUI lawyers at Carlisle & Gray are here to provide you with as much information about the DUI process and the DMV hearing process as possible.  Our firm focuses on DUI defense throughout Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado County, so rest assured that we will walk you through each and every step to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

There are crucial deadlines associated with your DUI charge in Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado Counties. Don't waive your rights and potential outcomes.  Contact Carlisle & Gray at (916) 782-2737  to schedule your consultation today.

DUI Defense

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you are not alone. The early intervention and advice by an experienced DUI attorney can minimize or even eliminate this offense from tarnishing your good record.  We aggressively defend DUI charges both in court and at DMV hearings, by strategizing with clients to develop an effective defense.

What is the legal limit?

California state law prohibits persons from driving a motor vehicle when their blood alcohol level (BAC) is a .08% or more. It is not necessary for a prosecutor to prove that the driver was even impaired, but merely that he or she met or exceeded the .08% level limit.

Drivers under the Age of 21

Underage drivers even face lower legal BAC limits. The DMV has also taken an extremely hard stance in requiring a one-year license suspension for all drivers under the age of twenty-one charged with having an alcohol level of .01% (BAC) or more.

DMV Hearing

If you have been charged with a DUI you may not have to lose your license.  Timing is essential to protecting your driving privileges.  Within 10 days of being charged with a DUI a DMV hearing must be requested.  Our firm will make this request on your behalf.  There are many factors that are taken into account when the DMV decides whether or not to suspend your driving privileges.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and resources to present your best defense to DMV.

Expungement Hearing

An Expungement is a process by which a conviction or plea of either Guilty or No Contest in a criminal case is set aside and the case is dismissed. It relieves you the defendant of certain penalties and disabilities that result from a criminal action. You can file an Expungement petition after you have fulfilled all terms of probation, or have been discharged from the original term of probation, or have not been placed on probation and all your sentence terms have been completed.

Carlisle & Gray offers affordable flat rate fees for all criminal defense services, call today for a free consultation (916) 782-2737.
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